Magistrates’ Court in Lewes to be sold for a song

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YET another Gem is to slip through the hands of the people of Lewes – Lewes Magistrates’ Court. This impressive building bought and paid for with taxpayers money is to be sold for offers over £1million pounds. Opened in 1986 by HRH Princess Diana, this fine property is to be disposed of together with an additional private car park.

The building covers some 1,735 sq metres of construction and, at today’s costs, the sum of £4,337,500 has been quoted by local architects to build it.

The cost of a prime piece of commercial land situated in Lewes would be in excess of £500,000 making a total sum of £4,837,500.

The car park is secure and can accommodate 45 vehicles. At a conservative figure of £2 per day per car this would generate some £32,760 per ann. At 5 per cent interest this would make the car park worth in excess of £600,000. I’m sure that planning permission could be obtained for at least eight dwellings on this land which would push the price up to nearer £800,000.

So I ask myself why the powers that be are accepting offers of £1million for something worth a combined total of £5,437,500.

Why has there been no consultation with the people of Lewes who as taxpayer have contributed towards the initial cost. Surely the Lewes District Council should have at least purchased the car park.

John Ffitch-Heyes, Lewes