Making roads safer

IN response to John Postgate’s letter regarding dangerous cyclists (March 9), while I do agree with him to an extent, I believe the problem is much wider.

If you speak to a road user from any one of the three main groups (pedestrians, cyclists and drivers), you will hear about how bad the other two groups are. From personal experience as a pedestrian, I can give first-hand account of having been nearly run over by drivers turning without indicating, as well as cyclists hurtling straight at me on the pavement.

However, as a passenger in a car (I don’t drive), I can talk about the times when cyclists have weaved right across the road, as though trying to stop us from passing, and the numerous times that pedestrians have stepped into the road in front of us without looking.

Yet, from my cyclist friends I continually hear about how poorly they are treated by pedestrians and drivers alike – including one who is currently recovering from a broken finger after being hit by a car’s wing-mirror.

I think it is time that Lewes took the lead in trying to promote safer road use for everyone. Lewes Green Party is planning to start a campaign to encourage road users to be more considerate to each other. Not only will this be safer for all, it should create a much friendlier environment.

Initially, we want Lewes residents included. If you have been involved in an incident in Lewes, as a member of any of the three groups, then please send me details either via email or post 23 North Way, Lewes, BN7 1AQ.

Cllr Ashley Price, Lewes

Lewes Green Party (Priory Ward)