Making world a better place

THERE used to be an old adage in the newspaper business that the dead can’t sue. So I was angry to read Francis Dixon’s attack on the obituary of my old friend Cyril Claydon.

Clearly Mr Dixon had never met Cyril, nor could he be bothered to refer to the article in order to recall his name.

Those of us who were lucky enough to count Cyril as a friend over many years knew that he was proud of his Communist past and proud of his outspoken criticism of Stalinism. He was particularly fierce in his criticism of the anti-semetic aspects of the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. This is hardly surprising as he was married to a feisty Jewish lady for 69 years.

He was active in the local peace and trade union movements until well into his 80s.

Cyril Claydon devoted his life to making the world a better place. That should stand as his epitaph.

Bill Ball,