Many more oppose turbine

Councillor Professor Emeritus Peter Gardiner is a politician and an engineer. But you would not know it from his letter “CO2 must be cut” (November 18).

He asserts that only Beck and Parker ‘give a hoot’ about the tiny output from the Glyndebourne turbine. Has he forgotten the 90 per cent opposition at his own parish council’s meeting, the queue of residents wishing to speak in opposition at the public inquiry, or the wide-ranging alliance of rural protection groups?

Closer to his political world, does he not recall the July 11, 2007, Lewes District Council planning meeting that initially considered the turbine application? He was LibDem lead member for planning at that meeting.

Detailed notes show that his own LibDem colleague (Councillor Eiolart) asked for a specific condition that the turbine be removed within 12 months if it did not generate Glyndebourne’s promised output.

We now know that Glyndebourne will miss their claim by a country mile! Subsequently David Mitchell, the LibDem chair of the July meeting, has expressed his dismay (letters, October 7). Again I must ask Cllr Gardiner: is it not too soon to seek to rewrite recent political history?

Now to the science: Cllr Gardiner praises Berkeley Professor Richard Muller for validating Al Gore’s ‘hockey stick’ temperature rise, thereby demonstrating man-made global warming. Sadly (for both professors Muller and Gardiner) Muller’s co-author, Professor Judith Curry of Georgia Tech, has denied that Muller’s statements are valid! (‘Scientist who said climate change sceptics had been proved wrong accused of hiding truth by colleague’, Daily Mail, October 30).

Reg Keeping,