Maria Caulfield needs give to give the public a real explanation

Letters to the editor - Council clashes with campaginers over Aylesbury Vale local plan
Letters to the editor - Council clashes with campaginers over Aylesbury Vale local plan

In a few days time Parliament is scheduled to debate the Government’s deal to withdraw the UK from the EU.

The deal is the culmination of two disastrous years of negotiation in which our Government has spent more time arguing with itself than pressing EU negotiators for a better deal.

It has been an unforgivable mess and a national humiliation.

Sadly, our MP, Maria Caulfield, has been complicit in this shambles.

While prominent figures in her own party like John Major and Michael Heseltine, and some of her colleagues in Parliament are saying that this decision must go back to the people in a referendum, she has aligned herself with those who would prefer to push the UK over the cliff edge in a no deal Brexit rather than trust the people.

She, and those of her colleagues who share that view, are guilty of recklessly gambling with our

children’s future. For parents like me, we have a right to expect our elected representatives to aim to do what’s best both for now and for the future. A ‘no deal’ Brexit would be a disaster for the prospects of every single child in the UK.

The Government’s deal isn’t a lot better when compared with what we currently get as members.

Analysis from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) this week showed the deal would end up leaving the UK £100bn a year worse off.

I want to hear a real explanation from Maria Caulfield on how she can justify taking such a reckless gamble with our children’s futures? Brexit in any form risks the security and prosperity of this country.

Brexit is a mess so I urge our MP to reconsider her opposition to a People’s Vote on Brexit.

She may still get her wish to drag us out of the largest and most successful peace project in recorded history, but at least she can say that people were given a choice.

James MacCleary

Fort Road, Newhaven