Maybe EU isn’t doing so badly

Ron Moore (March 2) asserts “ [EU]has not had its accounts audited now for 23 years.”

In fact EU accounts have been prepared since 1994.

Despite the challenge of having to deal with 28 countries’ audit figures (which frequently are in error), the last ten years figures ie 2006 to 2016 have been recognised as “true and fair”. As to our own government accounts they have been steadily improving in accuracy but the 2014-15 accounts were qualified because the auditor disagreed with the government accountants over

1) what should be included in the acounts

2) the way the government accountants had applied their own accounting policies

3) missing proof of some intra-government transactions and balances

Government accounting is not easy. Remember the EU accounts have to be built on the accounts of all 28 countries. So maybe the EU is not doing so badly after all.

Alun Tlusty-Sheen

Marine Crescent, Seaford