Memorial fund target reached

The report (Sussex Express, April 18) ‘Society donates to worthy causes’, miss quoted the actual amounts received.

The total sum of £7,800 is what was raised by the Merrie Harriers fund raising events for the year, not the total raised by the Hellingly Hospital Patients Memorial Fund. We are a seperate group and were the lucky recipiants of a £200 donation from the Harriers Bonfire Society.

The Hellingly Hospital Memorial Fund was instigated by St Peters & St Pauls Church Hellingly a few years ago after the hospital had been pulled down to make way for a housing estate.

As the co-ordinator and person put in charge of raising the funds by donations and subscription, I can confirm that the total amount we raised was about £1,200. This has now paid for the memorial which is due to be placed in the cemetry (not the churchyard) in the next few weeks when it will be dedicated. At that time, all those who kindly donated will be invited to attend the short service followed by tea and cakes in the village hall.

Sylvia Skinner (Mrs)