Memorial to son Zac - Wallands Primary School staff were wonderful

We wish to extend a huge thank you to the warm and wonderful staff at Wallands Primary School here in Lewes.

On Sunday 9 December, they opened their doors to us and hosted a memorial celebration for our son Zac, who tragically passed away last month, just short of his 19th birthday.

He had gone through Wallands first as a student, and then had returned to do a year’s apprenticeship. They welcomed him back in his new role, and made him feel a part of their lively, creative community.

For the gathering, members of staff came early to help decorate the room and set up tables, they circulated through the huge assembled crowd to pass around food and drinks, they spoke eloquently–and amusingly– about Zac and how he’d contributed to the school, and how he affected them personally. And then they stayed to help with the clean-up.

More importantly, the atmosphere was permeated with the openness and inclusivity that is a hallmark of the educational ethos of the school. The staff embrace challenge as a way of self-improvement, and their teaching reflects their firm commitment to serving each child’s educational and emotional needs. They are an extraordinary group of people.

Lewes is fortunate to count Wallands among its fine primary schools. We are endlessly grateful for all they did for Zac, and continue to do for the wider community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Paul and Carol Kelly,