MEP Sharon Bowles urged to help stop driving up food prices

Sharon Bowles, one of the MEPs representing South East England, is currently involved in making a decision that will have a huge effect on global food prices.

High food prices are bad for people on low incomes in the UK, who are increasingly struggling to afford basic groceries.

For people in poor countries, who often have to spend 50-90 per cent of their incomes on food, sudden price rises can spell disaster.

Excessive speculation by banks and hedge funds is one of the causes of food price spikes.

Regulation to curb speculation is on the table at the EU in September, but there are serious concerns that the new rules could be too weak to do the job.

Sharon Bowles is a key member of the group finalising the rules, and I’m calling on her to make sure they are strong enough to stop banks driving up food prices.

Michael Harrington