Minds changing over Brexit

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Open letter to Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden

We write on behalf of both Leave and Remain voters in Wealden who have considerable concerns about the narrowing options for Wealden in the current Brexit fiasco.

The Government’s reported intention of offering Parliament a take-it-or-leave-it vote on whatever deal is made in Brussels is, quite frankly, trivialising an issue of immense complexity and importance to the prosperity of all your constituents and to this country.

The economy of the South East now accounts for almost 40 per cent of the UK’s total GDP. This is largely due to 40 years of integration into the biggest single market in the world – right on our doorstep, not on another continent in Asia or America.

As our MP, you will recognise our concern that turning the M26 into a lorry park and jeopardising air, rail and sea transport will paralyse the business and personal lives of us all, in Wealden and beyond: At enormous cost and massive disruption to food, medical and business supplies.

Many of us marched in London with 700,000 others to ask for a final say on any deal with the rest of Europe. We now know more and more about the impacts of Brexit already taking their toll on small and large businesses and our NHS staffing, as well as the threat of food and medicine shortages. A lot has moved on since 2016, and so has sentiment around Brexit.

People are changing their minds.

Please reassure us that you will respect this shift and do all you can to defend the prosperity of our community and the future prospects of our young people.

Most urgently, we urge you to represent all your constituents and put their real interests before ideology, by working to enable us all to have the final say on this momentous decision for our future.

Your constituents: Alan and Dee Pearce, Alastair Pinkney, Alex Florschutz, Brendan Clegg, Christine Nelson, Daniel Brooks, David Bellis, David Pullen, Elizabeth Riminton, Emel Sheffield, Grace Riminton, Helen Claire Vetch, Ian Giles, James Rands, Jane Clark, Jill Terner, John Sheffield, Jona Eichner, Jude Williams, Karen Shaw, Katie Riminton, Kim Leys, Lakis Sallas, Mark Riminton, Michael Sheffield, Mike Coyne, Nick Noorderhaven, Nina Sheffield, Penny Spurrell, Rod Furley, Sandra Paul, Stefan Petszaft, Sue Bishop, Tony Lewin.

Sent on behalf of us all by:

Mark Riminton

Beaconsfield Road,

Chelwood Gate