Missing groynes at Seaford beach was well explained

May I take this opportunity to thank Tony Holmes of Lewes for his expeditious and comprehensive response to my question “why were the Groynes not rebuilt when the beach was restored in 1987?” (Letters, January 24).

Having read Tony’s response several times – and as an ordinary member of the public – I now have a better understanding of the problems associated with maintaining the sea defences along Seaford Beach.

Hopefully through this media coverage, fellow Seafordians will also have a better understanding of the problems, but should it take letters in the Sussex Express to bring this information to the fore? The Environment Agency Public Relations Department – if one still exists – should be keeping the people of Seaford informed/ updated as I know many people along the seafront and at the lower end of town were very concerned during the recent spate of storms over the Christmas/New Year period.

I watch the ongoing debate with interest!

David S Chester