Mo the camel is not missing

IN response to Bridget Rose, Missing Beasts of Glynde (October 7), Mo (or Lutfi to give him his real Mongolian name meaning Gentle Giant) the Bactrian Camel, is still living in this area. He’s in a field in South Chailey, just north of Markstakes Lane, not so accessible to admiring and inquisitive visitors as he used to be at Glynde Farm. I’m sure he misses the admiration and attention he used to get although as a mature adult animal now, he’s potentially more unpredictable in his behaviour. However, when I’ve visited him, with carrots and apples, he’s been fine.

If anyone would like to visit him, I can give them more information about his location, although I really would like to check with his owner if it’s OK.

There was an article in the Express (John Eccles February 10, 2006) on Mo and Lawrence of the Downs, which might be of interest.

Nigel, Contact details supplied