More doom from the doom prophets?

I will respond to Peter Gardiner first. The frightening phrase global warming has been dropped and changed to climate change. The reason is because the temperature has not risen as the doom prophets said it would.

The temperature rose only a fraction and it stopped some 15 years ago, if not longer. Even Greenpeace agrees with that.

The climate changes all the time due to so many variants within our weather patterns. We are still being affected by El-Nino. The floods in Somerset were due to the fact that we were not allowed to dredge the river. That would have stopped the flooding. The silt was not allowed to be spread onto the fields because of the EU directive on waste products.

Some years we do have extreme weather that is a blight on us all. My porch gets flooded out when it rains heavily every time. I do not blame my next door neighbour or others. To blame every severe snowstorm, flooding and everything that effects our lives across the globe on man made climate change is (not global warming anymore) ludicrous and deceiving the people. I do not know what Peter Gardiner means when he says that we have made no effort to support alternative energy systems. When UKIP are all for alternative green energy, we are against these useless green spinning pylons that are a blight on our landscape, a blight on our energy bills and a threat to our wildlife and marine life.

They will not produce hundreds of jobs for the people of Newhaven. What they will produce, are higher energy bills.

Talking to the Lib-Dems is like teaching a child to read. [ A is for Apple.] I have forgotten what B is for, so I will not go any further. 2014 was not the warmest year on record. Check Facts. Everyone should go to the website notalotofpeopleknowthat. It will tell

you what has been really going on. The Met Office and NASA have been caught lying about the figures. The data from the weather stations have been altered to suit the warmists’ views, views that we are all paying for in higher taxes.

Cllr Peter Charlton

Ouse Valley East