More flats for Newhaven town centre?

It seems yet another retail property is destined to become residential in Newhaven town centre.

Some may remember it as the former C&E Sports shop, those old enough may remember it as ‘The New Bridge Inn’, but now it looks like it is destined to become flats.

Newhaven Town Council mistakenly describes this building as ‘derelict’ on the Lewes District Council website, planning application (LW/13/0486) whereas it is in fact just empty.

What were they thinking! Perhaps they too are hell-bent on turning our town centre into a residential area, just as it seems LDC are, having approved all the other applications to turn shops into flats/houses.

Just take a look around High Street, Bridge Street and the part of Meeching Road which is inside the ring-road, and see how many shops have already been lost.

Some may say it is better these empty shops become in use again as housing, but if this trend continues, then there will be fewer and fewer available suitable premises for potential new retail outlets to open, and Newhaven town centre will continue to shrink meaning less reason for people to go there.

M C Young