More reason to keep the post office

It was widely reported in the weekend national press that the Post Office is considering offering bank accounts.

This may be a good move to provide more competition, but it is another strong reason for the Uckfield Post Office to remain in its current location.

It would be bad enough for the present range of services to be handled from a counter at the back of a retailer, but to also provide banking services would be extremely difficult.

I have been very heartened by the good response to my campaign to retain the Uckfield Post Office having received many completed slips, emails and telephone calls. I would like to thank all those residents of Uckfield who have taken the trouble to get in touch with me.

I am determined to do everything I can to retain the present Post Office and this recent news has boosted further my resolve.

If any of your readers would like to register their support then they can contact me from the details below., 27 Roman Way, Uckfield, TN22 1UY.

Paul Sparks