More seafront bins very welcome

I was pleased to read the report (12th July) that more bins are to be installed along Seaford seafront.

I take a daily morning walk along the promenade with my dog; since the warmer weather arrived my enjoyment has been ruined each Monday by the sight of every bin filled to overflowing and surrounded by large piles of rubbish consisting of anything from disposable barbecues and food/drink containers, to used nappies.

Clearly there are people enjoying lovely weekends on the beach who don’t have the sense to take their litter home with them if they find the bins already full.

I would like to think they are an irresponsible minority.

I welcome the plan to install more bins, and can only hope that the people who enjoy our beautiful countryside and coast, whether residents or visitors, will start to take responsibility for helping to keep it that way.

Margaret George