More taxes for the most deprived

‘Special expenses’

More tax for the most deprived

In 1974, presumably as a result of an early 70s Conservative government review, borough councils were disbanded and in their place town, parish and new district councils appeared. The new districts, believing that economies of scale would make for cheaper rates, grabbed all sorts of assets – playing fields, car parks and bits of green space – for their control.

Now, LDC, possibly driven by the current Conservative administration of that body, has looked at how the costs stack up. It appears that it costs more to administer certain areas than others. Unsurprisingly you would think, those areas from which it grabbed the most assets at the start, in order to make everything cheaper for everybody, are the areas it now finds taking the most resources.

So, in a blinding bit of Toryese, it is going to put up the council tax in those areas least able to afford them (Newhaven and Lewes). These are the so called “Special Expenses”. The upside is that rural wards will get to pay less.

So, when they can’t make economies of scale work, they charge the most deprived areas more in order to pay for their failure. And I thought Conservatives couldn’t make themselves less popular in Newhaven.

Cllr Rod Main

LD, Newhaven, Denton and Meeching