Most oppose giant jubilee E

I am writing in dismay at seeing that the plan to have a giant E shape in trees on the Downs is going ahead.

You first mentioned the proposal in February and I and others wrote to protest that it is a hideous idea quite out of keeping with the English landscape.

You conducted an informal survey among your readers and they were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea.

It looks as though those proposing the idea and the Sussex Express have chosen to ignore the public.

The land may belong to a local aristocrat, but it is the rest of us that have to look at this desecration of the downland which in your own words will be visible for miles and last for centuries.

I know that some people are brimming with the desire to express their fervor for the Queen but do they not recognize that there are appropriate ways of doing it?

If it’s ok for the Downs, then why not a giant E in red letters on St Paul’s cathedral and each side of Lewes castle?

The precedent of the V to mark Queen Victoria’s jubilee is hardly a good one; it’s an example of how crass,vulgar and sentimental the Victorians could be, but an E is much worse as at least Vs are shapes that are often found in natural forms.

Tom Benjamin Lewes