Move gliders to Golden Cross

I FULLY agree with the concerns of ‘noise nuisance’ from powered aircraft towing gliders from Kitson Field Ringmer (Rupert Taylor’s article in last week’s Sussex Express).

When the gliding club petitioned the residents of Ringmer to obtain planning permission to establish the East Sussex Gliding Club it was clearly stated that ‘There would be NO powered aircraft’. It was that statement, I and no doubt many others, signed to agree to support their planning application.

Perhaps there are now new members on the club’s committee who are unaware of the ‘contract’ signed between the club and residents of Ringmer.

Lewes District Council should refuse planning permission to allow the use of powered aircraft from Kitson Field.

Surely, as there is an airfield at Golden Cross, those glider pilots wishing to be towed should move their gliders to the airfield and not spoil the character and tranquillity of Ringmer.

If that is not possible, consider moving the East Sussex Gliding Club to Golden Cross airfield

Reg Keeping

Hayes close