MP is right to boycott incinerator opening

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I HAVE read the article in the Sussex Express regarding the incinerator and am very pleased that Norman Baker boycotted the official opening on 4 July.

Mr Baker has always been very anti the incinerator and what he says in this article is absolutely right. Veolia have done nothing for Newhaven in this connection and never will.

They should have made sure that Newhaven was helped from the money they made from this incinerator.

I note the remarks made by Keith Glazier about Norman Baker having been found wanting because he has challenged this installation and should move on and welcome this 21st century way of dealing with waste. Mr Glazier probably doesn’t live anywhere near Newhaven or the incinerator so he has no problems as regards health.

I feel very sorry for people who live near the A26 and have to put up with the increasing heavy goods vehicles traffic and mess they leave behind.

Maybe one day councillors and planners will leave Newhaven alone and stop dumping everything on us. I really hope so as I think we really deserve that.

Mr Glazier should come and talk to the people of Newhaven and find out what their views are, although I don’t know what sort of reception he would receive in Newhaven.

Mary Colwell, Newhaven