Music nourishes our wellbeing

Playing an instrument and learning to make music - alone or with others - is a way of being transported into another world.

It is part of the everyday and yet beyond it, nudging towards the world of the spirit or the muse. It brings a new dimension into the lives both of talented people and also the not-so-talented.

To experience this sort of transportation is a joy in itself - but it also nourishes our well being and helps to keep us away from bogus pleasures and addictions. The breathing required to sing or play a wind instrument, and the physical activity needed for all instruments contribute to good health. Making music with others in groups is life-enhancing and can help a person to grow in personal

relationships. This can keep us out of the doctor’s surgery and lessens any need for the psychotherapist.

So in my view, which arises out of personal experience, money spent on music can often be a way of saving money required to deal with health and other issues.

Caroline Pybus

Cliffe Leas, Lewes