Nature will take its course

Two items - the letter from Steve Saunders and the ‘Proposals for Newhaven re-vamp’ (June 3) - inspire comment.

Insofar that our Town Council, unfortunately, have little or no control of ‘Planning matters’ - that being in the hands of the District Council and above, it is certain that so-called ‘regeneration’ will ignore the truly local geographic history and needs for a small town.

The short term, quick buck in planning permission ignores the needs for a future generation having to live and enjoy well-being in an environment of climate change.

NB: The history of the ‘East side’ and the Ouse Valley is that it is a flood-plain naturally.

The UNnatural re-routing of the river and the development thereby were all specific to Man’s needs at that time- and not now applicable.

Mother Nature will doubtless reclaim from Man’s interference.

Climate-change will dictate.

Reverting to being a natural SMALL town - agricultural and fishing self-supporting, happily seaside.

More power to our new Town Council and it’s Mayor (with any luck !).

L White,

address supplied