Naysayers must join 21st century

Regarding the proposed Premier Inn (‘Shape of things to come?’ Sussex Express June 6) I have to say it looks alright to me; I’ve stayed in uglier hotels – and if I didn’t already live only three miles outside Lewes, I certainly couldn’t afford to stay here in the accommodation available at present.

It is a pity that the non-stop nit-picking naysayers of Lewes can’t join the rest of us in the 21st Century and actually get behind something that our county town desperately needs. Unfortunately, the default setting for your average nimby lentil on almost any sensible bricks and mortar proposal that isn’t all airy-fairy arty-farty seems always to be ‘No!’ on principle, just in order to be difficult. ‘Wun’t be druv’ is all very well – but just being for ever plain awkward for the sheer hell of it is getting to be tiresome in the extreme.

Clive Hobden