Need to change political order in Newhaven

I was disappointed to read that our local Liberal Democrat MP of 17 years, Norman Baker, has only just woken up to the fact that the small businessman and woman of Newhaven town centre need a lifeline.

Norman what have you been doing for the past 17 years? Where were you when M&Co, then HSBC and Natwest left town?

In my letter (Sussex Express 17/10/2014) I mentioned that I’ve been a resident of Newhaven for seven years now and can see Newhaven town centre needs real help and not just idle words.

In that same letter I stated that some way to helping the town would be to introduce two hours free parking to encourage shoppers.

So I can only assume Mr Baker read my letter.

The following line from Mr Baker’s press release says so much about what is wrong with today’s LibLabCon politicians and the failings in Westminster “I am disappointed the Tory controlled district council have not taken this chance to support small businesses”.

Instead of playing the “blame culture game” which Rod Main (Sussex Express 31/10/14) dislikes so much, why hasn’t Mr Baker put his energies and powers of persuasion into making the right arguments with Lewes District Council? Then may be he could have helped Newhaven to turn around before it lost its last High Street bank.

Local business are the bedrock of employment for locals and without them people are forced to travel further afield to seek employment ­ meaning of course they create travel congestion on local roads, are then out of pocket with travel expenses/parking fees and finally spending their wages out of the area therefore depriving the local economy of income.

Newhaven desperately requires a change from the old political order which has failed the town and its people time and again which is why UKIP and its Localism policies are the way forward.

Simon Barnes