New 20mph zone for Nevill, Landport and Malling is welcome news

I welcome the news that East Sussex County Council has finally approved a 20mph speed limit for the Nevill, Landport, and Malling, and that it is being put in place.

On the Nevill the deciding factor has been the safety of children and making a good environment for families on the estate. It is also good news that the county council has responded to the campaigning of a young Nevill resident and is putting measures in place to enable buses to go right to the top of the Nevill rather than along Crossway.

Congratulations to the campaigners in Lewes Living Streets, who have consistently urged the county council to institute a town-wide 20mph limit for Lewes. The schemes for these large residential areas go a considerable way towards achieving that goal. I urge the county council to go all the way on creating a safe environment for the whole of Lewes.

Joyce Bell

Prospective Priory Ward Town Council candidate (Lib Dem)