New Morrison store plan still not good news

Although I have given time to reflect and digest John Haffenden’s letter about the benefits that a Morrison store would bring to Ridgewood, I am still not convinced.

I understand that the plans are for a Morrison Local which will only offer longer opening hours than Ridgewood Post Office but not the services offered which include travel insurance and money, driving licence and associated forms.

Although adverts say a personal service will be offered, how would this compare with a shop that has a history of over 100 years in this location, that is family run and the family’s home?

Would a new national owned store support the local community and match the Village Store’s ‘aim to support local suppliers/manufacturers, which helps to maintain competitive prices, ease of delivery and support the local economy’[i]?

Finally, I believe that there would still be cars parking overnight as I do not think they are all drinkers at The Highlands and do not understand what problem they are causing.

I hope to benefit from a true personal and community based service for a very long time, I do not want to be just another one of Morrison’s 12 million customers or to be served by one of 125,000 staff.[ii]

Penny Rowden