New Morrisons store plan for Ridgewood is excellent news

Plans to open a Morrisons store at Ridgewood is excellent news.

Myself and many other residents are strongly in favour and certainly not opposed as you article suggests.

Having lived in Ridgewood for more than 20 years, it is great news that at long last we are now getting some of the infrastructure that many of us have been asking for, because of the many houses that are being built in the area, and with many more planned, (Ridgewood Farm which is opposite the post office) and businesses will succeed if they are providing what the community need as a whole rather than just the minority.

One has to be adaptable and change with the times, understand their needs and not force your own ideas on them.

The Highlands Inn (the site of the new store) unfortunately is in need of a major overhall and work on the surrounding areas to bring it back to what it used to be. The car park has become an overnight parking lot for cars, especially at weekends, whose owners have obviously drunk too much. Good on them for not drinking and driving but I would ask you, if you know you are going to to have a drink and can get home okay without your vehicle, why bother taking it in the first place?

John Haffenden