New store will not benefit town

Once again we hear plans for another supermarket in Newhaven at the empty premises of the old Harbourside Inn. At the planning meeting the committee said they could not refuse. No, they could. We already have three in the town. It does not look good for the Co-op. This might be competition on their part but there will be fewer people going to support the other supermarkets as more and more people go online these days. People have a choice now.

People living on that side of the river, it would only benefit them. We are aware Newhaven town is a ghost town compared to all the other Sussex towns. These projects are big money spinners but without the support of the customer spending their money, there would be no supermarkets here.

The decline in shops that stand empty have been going on in Newhaven for some time now. There is great need for other projects to benefit the town. There is no incentive for visitors to visit a town with nowhere to go. The giants who now monopolise the country, they need to go to a town or village where there is none. The more we build the more waste we create. Most of it is down to supermarkets, who must overhaul their entire strategy and not blame the consumer for waste. The supermarkets dominate our landscapes of Newhaven and the future of our roads will be gridlocked.

Mrs D Myles