New turbine is ‘elegant’

THE view of the Downs as you approach Ringmer from Lewes, is ravaged by the double row of pylons marching across the countryside, with their attendant poles and wires. Now we have one elegant turbine above them – so what? I imagine that some Ringmer residents have got so used to the pylons, that they no longer see them. Maybe the same will soon apply to the turbine.

I find some of the correspondence on this subject extremely distasteful and misleading. As far as we know, opinion in the village is split about 50-50 (not 90 percent against, as implied), grumblers do tend to be more vocal.

Ringmer Community College is setting a shining example in their eco-friendly buildings and activities. There’s hope that the younger generation, from our village, will be more sensitive and intelligent about preserving our environment than their forebears.

Silvia Ebert, Ringmer