New water meters do not damage health

Following the misinformed assertion of Amanda Geary’s letter (September 6), advising readers that they should refuse a ‘smart’ water meter on health grounds, please let me reassure everyone that Southern Water does not install such meters.

We are installing ‘AMR’ meters which are not ‘smart’ meters and are not dangerous at all to your health.

Customers do not have a choice of water meter as our AMR meters, after extensive testing, are universally accepted as safe and there is no restriction on their use.

Our AMR meters automatically transmit a meter reading to a man in a van driving past your property. The strength of the signal is just 0.01% of that of a wi-fi hub commonly found in many people’s homes. To put this in perspective, the signal strength is also far less than that of mobile phones, microwave ovens and even motion detectors.

The meters themselves offer customers a host of benefits, such as the automatic detection of leaks on customers’ supply pipes which we will then repair, on condition, free of charge. That’s a valuable benefit to customers when considering that more than 20% of all leaks are on customers’ pipes.

We are installing an incomparable meter, the only one of its type in the world, chosen after a worldwide search and especially developed for Southern Water customers as the meter which offers the best benefits for them.

Darren Bentham

Chief Customer Officer
Southern Water