Newcomer’s first impressions of Seaford

As a new resident, I am impressed with the community spirit in Seaford.

Since arriving last year, I have strolled down Sutton Drove, admiring the beautifully kept Blatchingdon Pond. It surprised me to learn that this is maintained by a public-spirited band of volunteers. The pond was a riot of colour in the spring and has been a joy to the senses throughout the year. Also it was an unexpected delight to discover the lovely Crouch Gardens hidden away in a corner of Seaford. I have met people who have opened their gardens for others to appreciate and many more who take a pride in their surroundings.

It has become apparent, however, that as a town Seaford has been badly let down over the years. The very minimum has been done to improve the appearance of the seafront though, to be fair, there are lots of benches to sit on, but it is a pity that so many are dilapidated. Also a quiet stroll along the front is now disrupted by the introduction of shared use. I recently witnessed a couple of unsupervised children on bikes racing up and down the prom narrowly missing an elderly man but knocking a package out of his hand.

I learn that the town council approved the building of a new golf club house at the cost of £1.7m while the town does not have a decent size undercover swimming pool. The golf club membership is around 400 while the town’s population is 24,000. Surely more local people would have benefited from a pool.

Many of the town buildings show that little sympathetic thought has gone into their appearance or construction. As regards new buildings, such as flats on the seafront and the new library, who planned and approved such monstrous carbuncles? Surely no-one who lived in Seaford!

Visitors are presented with the appearance of an unloved town and this is a shame because behind this façade is a very special place.

Rita Boswell