Newhaven beach and merories of bliss

I DON’T live in Newhaven or Seaford, and I agree with everything Andy Gilbert says in Sussex Express comment page.

The family and I used to come in our caravan to Newhaven Harbour to enjoy the lovely little beach there, as did hundreds of other people.

When the tide was in, I used to dive in for a swim. Tinker and Mutley (our two dogs) joining me. Everybody enjoyed the day, nobody got hurt and there was never any trouble.

Nobody got in the way of the running of the harbour because we were round the corner so to speak, out of the way of the main shipping channel.

So I can’t see what the problem is. Why close it all? You used to pay, which we didn’t mind because there were amusements, a cafe and toilets. Now they expect you to pay and there are no amenities there.

We often come by car and have our sandwiches and a flask of tea but, being cooped up in the car, it is not the same any more.

When I close my eyes I can still see the families enjoying it there, so is Andy Gilbert right when he says Newhaven Port and Properties have something else up their sleeves for the beach that they won’t tell us about until they start doing something we won’t like?

Then it will be too late. I heard it said they closed it because the concrete steps were unsafe. Well I ran up and down them a few times in my swimming costume and didn’t hurt myself once.

Anyway isn’t there a product called concrete you can repair concrete steps with? What a shame, the family spent some very happy summer days there.

John Pentin, Croydon