Newhaven dumped on yet again

MARY Colwell is absolutely right (letters July 6) when she talks of Newhaven being dumped on yet again by the siting of the Veolia incinerator just outside the town, the dump of all dumps. Amazingly, in the same issue, it was reported that the district council had approved the sale of the Lewes Road recreation ground in Newhaven for £84k. Yes, 84k. Ignoring the ethical issues involved in public asset stripping, this financial chicanery is on a par with the county council selling Pelham House in Lewes to a private consortium for £500k (or thereabouts).

The desecration of Newhaven has been going on since the ring road was approved by the county council in the early ’80s. Both Conservative and Lib Dem administrations have encouraged this process, at district and county levels. What was once a working port, with a thriving fishing community, has been reduced to an empty town without a heart, with the notable exception of the community-led Hillcrest Centre. Even the tiny beach it once had has been made inaccessible to the general public. The whole saga is a tragedy, comparable in its own way to the fate of many working class communities in the Midlands and North, since the early ’80s.

Nigel Austin, Lewes.