Newhaven harbour can attract visitors

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I agree with A Chapman (letters, May 3) that the best way to attract visitors to Newhaven is to renovate and develop attractions at the Quayside.

Newhaven’s “jewel in the crown” is its river and harbour and, although the Tesco supermarket plan had its problems, it was on the right track and would have drawn people in to the harbour area and eventually attracted more investment from other businesses.

A graphic example is what happened in Lewes in the early 70s when Cliffe High Street was a run down area with numerous closed shops and a boarded up cinema.

Along came a new Safeway supermarket (now Waitrose), which encouraged other businesses and slowly the area came back to life and is now a very popular and vibrant visitor centre.

Newhaven harbour has such a rich history and, with the river and the sea, is already a natural attraction, but in this modern day that is not enough for the spending public.

It needs a start on some renovation to the Quayside so that people want to come and visit, and eventually it could become a serious maritime history centre for the South East.

Colin Couser