Newhaven Harbour - NPP’s alternative agenda revealed?

Some two or three years ago now NPP erected a new boundary fence around the harbour perimeter with Tide Mills.

At that time NPP erected the new fence across the public footpath that runs along the seafront at Tide Mills towards the East Arm. NPP had to remove that section of fence that went across the public footpath as presumably, at that time, they never sought permission to change the public footpath.

The beach end of the fence was altered to turn the corner and continue the fence back towards the harbour prior to crossing that footpath.

The extra land that was ‘grabbed’ at that time has only ever been used for dumping rubbish and old harbour timber. Up until now that is.

Suddenly, this week, NPP have cleared and levelled that extra land ‘grabbed’ back when the new fence went up. I wonder ‘Why Now?’

Could it be because of the public exhibition at the Hillcrest Centre on October 14 about the new harbour plans?

Could it be that they now want to be seen actually doing something with the extra land in advance of the proposed planning applications?

Do they really think that the local people are that easily fooled?

If NPP really cared about Newhaven and wanted to engage with the community, they would have repaired the sea wall and reopened the West Beach long before now instead of putting every obstacle possible in the way.

They don’t mind you parking your car on the top of a supposedly dangerous sea wall though. Think about it.

Mr Grumpy