Newhaven incinerator pollution is here to stay

We read with interest the high pollution in the air through Newhaven with volumes of traffic every day.

This will have a long term effect for future years with the incinerator polluting the atmosphere every day.

Planting trees on open spaces is not the answer, we know when the wind changes smoke can be seen as far as Kingston, South Heighton.

Trees must not be planted near properties as they will result in subsidence in future years eg birch three metres, beech nine metres, they would infringe light to properties.

We all need to keep the air free from pollutants. Who knows what sort of impact this is going to have on Newhaven’s future years.

The company cannot guarantee there is no risk to human health. They do not live near incinerators and would not choose to.

Research has shown that some birth defects in babies living near incinerators has occurred in other towns.

The first incinerator of municipal waste was built in 1874 but as the air quality deteriorated to illnesses it was closed down.

Mrs D Myles

South Heighton