Newhaven is dumped on

I HAVE just seen the headlines in the Sussex Express about the permanent travellers’ site and I did not have to read any further as I knew Newhaven would be mentioned as the most likely site.

Could someone from Lewes District Council explain to the people of Newhaven why everything that no-one else wants is dumped on Newhaven? The council say they are consulting with local residents on the proposal for four permanent sites and they want to hear from the people about the proposed sites. Personally I do not think there will be many residents of Newhaven that will want a travellers site here, and I do not think it will do any good to protest as many protested about the incinerator and we all know that this was built. The council just ignores the wishes of the people of Newhaven and does just what they want to do.

The council are asking people if they have any suggestions for sites. I think it would be a very good idea to have at least two sites in Lewes and also Brighton would be a good site.

Why can’t the council give the people of Newhaven a break and not build any more unwanted sites in or around the town.

I have sent a list of people who object to a travellers site in Newhaven to the council, for all the good this petition will do.

Please tell me something, if they are travellers, why do they need a permanent site?

Mary Colwell, Newhaven