Newhaven multi-storey car park - Have parkers been driven out?

As someone who parks in the Newhaven multi-storey car park for four hours every Tuesday afternoon, I have been amazed at how empty the car park has been since the introduction of the pay and display charges by the council.

I often used to have trouble parking on the main ground-level where the pay kiosk was but now there are masses of free spaces.

I’m not aware that the charges have gone up – perhaps it is something to do with the fact that you can’t put 5p or 10p coins in the machine and there is a lame apology for “any inconvenience caused.”

I can’t actually buy four hours parking for £1.25 because it won’t accept the coins, so I have to pay £1.40 or £1.50 each week to get the parking I need.

I’d be interested to know if trade has gone down in Newhaven since the new pay and display has been introduced. As we all know this is the last thing that the traders need. Where have all the people gone ?

Sara Alexander, Seaford