Newhaven Port - Hopes of jobs and development

In response to Cllr Main’s rather deliberately obtuse comments regarding Newhaven and the port, as with many Lib Dem politicians, he appears not to understand how economics, the EU, trade and travel work.

This is rather worrying as he is a councillor of a town with a port. He should understand how it all works before casting doubt on Newhaven’s future, a move which itself will only generate negative publicity.

If Cllr Main had the very best interests of Newhaven at heart, he would welcome UKIP’s position on Europe. UKIP would seek to trade with the world shedding the straitjacket of the EU. This means more goods into the United Kingdom. This should mean more goods flowing through the UK to Europe, as they once did.

Now, I will spell this out for Cllr Main – Newhaven could become a thriving port once more, shipping items and people to Europe as it once did.

Cllr Main should be aware that any upsurge would require building development of one sort and another though. It is hoped that he would wholeheartedly support proposals that would bring jobs and money into the town?

Cllr Edward Board

UKIP Polegate