Newhaven redevelopment a pipe dream

The plans for the re-development of Newhaven are just a pipe-dream. The infrastructure of Newhaven would not be viable in this small port. While some residents think this would be good for Newhaven, some of us on the other side of town would oppose these plans. Studying the towns in East Sussex which are busy every day, eg Seaford, Lewes, Ringmer, they have all the facilities for residents such as banks and building societies. But Newhaven is a ghost town. By building this project it will not alter the town.

Long term these plans will affect local businesses. Local councils will not object as they benefit by big projects like this. We know the volume of traffic passing on the C7 ever day, the rail network cannot provide more trains for visitors travelling to a water park as the trains are full up now with passengers going to work. Families would have to be on high incomes to be able to afford Disney World like tickets to go there. There are a lot of issues to study long term, not just a money spinner for the local authorities.

Mrs D Myles

South Heighton.