Newhaven regeneration: Why build a road to nowhere?

Funny old world ... when we first came to Newhaven in the early ’60s, the harbour was a hive of activity. Every week saw imports of produce from far-flung places and sometimes the freighters were queuing up to come in. Fyffes even had a banana warehouse here.

Plans were being drawn up to expand the port into a deep water harbour.

The construction of the port access road was considered crucial to this. Nothing happened but the plan was dusted off every few years and we were assured the road was still essential. Again nothing happened. The harbour declined, the boats ceased to call, the quays fell into disrepair. The whole area became desolate.

Fast forward 50 years, and guess what? We’re getting the road built! Unfortunately, the only boat using the East Quay now seems to be the monthly scrap metal boat. So why are we spending thousands of pounds on this scheme, which is no longer required, when there are so many local projects which could really use this money? As I said, funny old world...

C Fox