Newhaven’s Rampion Windfarm proposal - a case of nimbyism?

ARE Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) guilty of nimbyism? SAS Director, Hugh Tagholm, said recently: “We are not against the concept of sustainable green energy like this and we support it” when speaking about the Rampion Windfarm proposal which will stretch from Worthing to Newhaven.

Where exactly would SAS support the building of an offshore windfarm; somewhere else that doesn’t’ affect them? What about those who would be affected in a different area, why would their opinion be less valid?

Mr Tagholm also claims the area east from Brighton Marina has “some of the country’s most popular and well established surfing beaches.” Really?

As a regular visitor to Cornwall I can tell you that the number of surfers in our area is dwarfed by the number of surfers at the Cornish coast. There is opposition to the Shepham windfarm at Polegate and now opposition to the Rampion windfarm. Would somebody who opposes these windfarms like to tell us exactly how we are going to meet our energy needs and carbon targets without any windfarms?

It is not good enough to say they should be built elsewhere, as wherever they may be proposed there is always local opposition.

We in Newhaven know about opposing energy generating proposals, thousands of us opposed the Tories’ Incinerator proposal, but it was dumped here anyway, and I for one would far rather look out on a row of wind turbines that a poison-belching giant silver slug!

Michael Young, Newhaven