NHS- blame culture is not the answer

There must be something in the water because people are putting two and two together and coming up with outrageous answers.

Take, for example, the NHS. A few less nuclear submarines and the whole NHS could be properly funded. But it isn’t. It’s full of bean counters and people chasing targets to function like the service it needs to be. Or at least, that’s what I thought. Now some UKIP person is telling me it’s all down to – immigrants.

Seemingly, a few thousand more people spread around the 60 million already here is enough to tip the whole NHS into a mess. Revelation!

Simon Barnes (letters, October 17) tells us that UKIP are developing “non-sticking plaster” solutions to Newhaven’s problems.

Some of what he proposes sound like eminently sensible solutions. But there’s no suggestion as to where UKIP will magic the money from. Perhaps they can rush in and wave wand – incant “via expando” and the river crossing will increase in size to allow more traffic to cross. Where this traffic will go once it gets to the Brighton Road or heads out past Bishopstone remains to be seen but at least it will get across the river quicker. Still, I shall await with interest, to see what solutions they come up with and how they intend to fund them.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it should be a concern to everybody that there is now a political party blaming minority groups of people for all the country’s ills. In the 1930s it was Jews and Bolsheviks. Now it looks like Muslims and immigrants. We even have some of that party suggesting that those eligible to vote should be restricted. It’s not rocket science to see where that is heading. It’s time we looked at the issues closely and applied some thought instead of taking the word of quick fix and fast blame merchants.

Rod Main