NHS - It’s not the fault of immigrants

I write in response to the letter from UKIP Lewes Counsellor, Alan Latham regarding the NHS.

The one single thing that Cllr Latham was right about in his letter is that the NHS has suffered due to the wrong decisions of the three main political parties.

However he then goes on to mistakenly link this to the UKIP hobby-horse of immigration being the source of all evil. Even a cursory look at the facts show that the vast majority of immigrants who come here are young, healthy, work and pay taxes.

They actually pay in MORE than they take out of the British economy and the actual cost of health tourism has been estimated to be 0.06 percent of the total NHS budget. Therefore positing immigration as the solution to public spending is factually incorrect. I appreciate that facts aren’t really a big part of the UKIP political machine but it would be nice for them to be occasionally noticed.

Cllr Latham states that he does not think that the NHS should be privatised. That makes him one of the few in his party who doesn’t since UKIP leaders have been very public in their repeated desire to allow private companies to take profits from taxpayer’s pockets through a full privatisation of the NHS. Cllr Latham perhaps needs to now reflect whether he is in the right party.

Our wonderful health service is still the best in the world (according to recent independent scientific research by the Commonwealth Fund) and this is despite dreadful bankrupting PFI deals that have destroyed local services, costly, damaging and unwanted privatisation and a failure to fund it to anywhere close to other developed countries. Time for Cllr Latham to look a bit closer to home for the real answers.

Dr Carl Walker

National Health Action Party Candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham