NHS parking charges- are we being blackmailed?

We hear there is a lack of funding in the NHS these days, but what they are not telling us about is the amount of revenue they are making every day from car parking meters.

They are taking advantage of hospital visitors.

It is the public’s money and not the hospitals’ as they claim it is from their budget.

The public are now being blackmailed. MPs are saying we might have to pay to see a doctor, which results from privatisation, as well as pay the high cost of perscriptions. Since everything was put in the hands of trusts, the country is in a mess. We are subject to blackmail. The government should be looking into the state of the country and return it back to how it should be run.

These rip-off practices are not acceptable for the public. We should not be robbing Peter to pay Paul. We have the same situation with councils for parking.

It is a way of making vast revenue for the councils and they are going to cut back their maintenance work.

These practices should be stopped by government.

People would accept one charge not a stealth tax.

We have a new election next year. The people need to think hard on who to vote for as none of them keep their promises.

D Myles