No building in the Filsham valley

With the amount of rain we have had lately I cannot believe that the council has plans to build houses on this wetlands site, the amount of water that flows under the bridge in Bexhill Road is vast.

I noticed that the exit under the bridge was full of rubbish. No wonder the road floods with new buildings proposed on this site. Can some one tell me where all the excess water will go?

I know on to the Bexhill Road and the footpath leading to Edinburgh Road, this area already floods when we have a lot of rain. School children use this path but what a walk it is walking up Harley Shute pushing a pram when it is raining.

Furthermore no buses run down Harley Shute at all. The older people cannot use our local shops because of the lack of buses.

I have spoken to certain people regarding this matter but with no avail.

This part of West St Leonards seems to me to lose out on all the money that the town receives from certain sources. It’s about time this area had a facelift but how should I know I have lived in the area for 40 years so council, no building on the only green space we have. No building on the Filsham valley.

D R Grice

Conqueror Road

St Leonards