No control over boy racers

The situation at Ravenside mentioned in the Observer (September 26) of people racing around in cars presumably not only disturbing neighbouring properties, but with the possibility of an accident involving another innocent persons car or a pedestrian in the car park is obviously not getting through to the people who own the site and the police once again seem powerless.

Surely the company that run the site could do something.

Here we have a much more volatile and potentially problematic situation and nobody seems able to bring it under control.

As usual a nonexistent police presence allows a continuing problem to carry on with everyone wringing their hands for a solution.

Why not hire the clampers again (assisted by a police presence) to do their job and clamp those who are not actually shopping, it put enough people off a visit to Glyne Gap before.

Problem solved and neighbours happy and car park once again safe and quiet.

It’s not rocket science after all.

Derek Stocker

Duke Street