No need for the Lewes Tourist Office

I WAS interested to read Andrew Clarke’s recent letter highlighting ways that Lewes District Council could improve our finances.

In particular, I support the idea of closing the Tourist Information Office (TIC) and leasing or selling the premises. Apart from saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, closure of the TIC would, paradoxically, result in an increased number of visitors staying in the town.

How can that be true? Well, at the moment, if a visitor goes to the Lewes TIC they will be told that there are no B&Bs in Lewes and they will be sent away out of town.

None of the 11 B&Bs in Lewes are allowed to be mentioned by TIC staff because, more than 10 years ago, the B&B owners didn’t kowtow to the council’s unilaterally imposed regulations and formed their own, independent, Lewes Town and Country B&Bs group.

Their excellent brochure (and website) now lists 51 B&Bs and self-catering accommodation places in the Lewes area and it is designed, published and distributed entirely at their own expense.

The brochure is displayed all around Lewes but is not allowed in our TIC. So Lewes District Council is spending our council tax on a tourist service that tells visitors to go away.

Will Rogers, Lewes