No plans for roads

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I ATTENDED the first public consultation meeting conducted by Cross Stones at Newhaven on February 29. I inspected and discussed the development proposals with one of their representatives. It was made clear to me that associated highway improvements to the A259 was not in the developers remit. They also confirmed that they were not aware that road improvements would be in place to accommodate their development. I suspect the two remaining developers may have the same view.

I did not attend the public consultation meeting at the Hillcrest Centre, as I felt it a fruitless exercise, bearing in mind it was unlikely that plans for proposed road redevelopment in Newhaven would be available.

Newhaven and Lewes District Councils would be well advised to seek detailed ESCC Highways plans for the A259 and A26 roads, before they commit to any major development of the Port and East Side regeneration. I noted that funds from ESCC have been made available for a new port access road. However, if as reported Newhaven Port is to be a catalyst for broader regional development, then surely one would expect long term road infrastructure plans to be made available for public consultation.

To redevelop and proceed with large scale regeneration of the Port and East Side zone, without the reconfiguration of the A259 and A26 will only extend the already long queues of traffic and environmental pollution at peak hours.

John Burns, Seaford.