No resources were offered to Hastings Pier

As a former councillor who represented the area covering Hastings Pier at the time of the fire I fully understand the stress that local businesses, residents and the council in Eastbourne will be under following the devastating blaze.

The £2 million award will help in ensuring the impact will be managed.

What a far cry from October 2010, when our own pier caught fire. No resources offered, no Cameron and Osborne jumping on the train to offer sympathy. Despite the fact that the clean-up cost the council hundreds of thousands of pounds, and that tourism and other businesses across the town were affected following the national news of the tragedy, we were offered nothing.

Anything we got later had to be applied and argued for.

Of course, the campaign to save the pier is a major success story, with many volunteers I consider local heroes, and we look forward to stepping on those new planks come the opening. However, forgive me if I am cynical about the Eastbourne response from the Conservatives - nine months out from an election and the two most senior ministers turn up to a marginal with pockets bulging within two days.

Our Hastings pier, and indeed Hastings council taxpayers, could still do with some recompense and support for the costly fire. If only re same criteria were applied.

Paul Barlow

Castle Ward councillor 2008-2012